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Bendigo DPC Office a party political front

Tuesday, 2 August 2011


Bendigo Labor MPs, Jacinta Allan and Maree Edwards, said the Bendigo office of the Department of Premier and Cabinet has been compromised as a front for the Liberal Party.

"The long standing requirement that public servants serve the public and not participate in party politics has been tossed aside by the Liberal Premier who has blatantly politicised the Bendigo office of his Department," Ms Allan said.

"The failure of Premier Ted Baillieu to invite all local members of Parliament to the opening of this office means the Department has been given orders from the top to only work with Liberal and National Party Members of Parliament."

"As Members of Parliament we have excellent relationships with local public servants from Departments like education, housing and transport who recognise that our shared role is to serve the public", Ms Allan said.

"The Liberal Premier has hopelessly politicised the Bendigo office of his Department by ordering them to only work with members of his Liberal-National Government," Ms Edwards said.

"This undermines the integrity of the public service."

"But it is also a massive let down of the Bendigo community who access services from their local member of Parliament, regardless of their political persuasion," Ms Edwards said.



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