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"Do Nothing" Baillieu fails Bendigo residents

Friday, 25 November 2011

Families from Bendigo have been let down by the Baillieu Government, which has spent the past 12 months reviewing projects, cutting services and failing to deliver on key election commitments, Opposition Leader Daniel Andrews said today.

The State Labor Opposition today marked the Premier's one year anniversary by launching a new website and booklet outlining the many failures of the Baillieu Government.

The interactive website,, allows users to view the broken promises and impact funding cuts are having on their local community. It focuses on education, health, and transport.

The booklet outlines the Government's failures in education, health, jobs, community safety, public transport, roads, bushfire prevention, accountability, planning, fairness, cost of living and the environment in Bendigo.

"In 12 months, the Baillieu Government has done nothing to improve services such as health, public transport and education for families in Bendigo," Mr Andrews said.

"Instead Mr Baillieu has made $2.2 billion worth of cutbacks that are hurting families and communities in Bendigo.
"The Premier still has no plan for jobs, no plan for education and health, no plan for skills, no plan for infrastructure investment, and no plan for Bendigo.

"Doing nothing won't keep Victorians in work, doing nothing won't help Victorians get an ambulance when they need one, and doing nothing won't provide our children with a better education."

Mr Andrews said all the Premier had delivered to Bendigo was hollow rhetoric.

"Action speaks louder than words and unfortunately action is something Victorians have seen little of from Mr Baillieu," he said.

"Doubling state debt with nothing to show for it, cutting funding for crucial services such as education and health, or interfering in and undermining police command is not taking action - it's simply damaging Victoria.

"It's time the Premier started explaining to families why he is failing to make Bendigo a better place to live."

Member for Bendigo West Maree Edwards and Member for Bendigo East Jacinta Allan said local families had been let down by the Baillieu Government.

"Mr Baillieu has spent his first year in office dithering rather than delivering for Bendigo," Ms Edwards said.

"Mr Baillieu should explain to Bendigo residents why he has no vision for the area," Ms Allan said.

See photos of Daniel Andrews visit to Bendigo and his meeting with Bendigo nurses today

The interactive website is at

Attached is the booklet outlining the Baillieu Government's failures in Bendigo.

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