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Lib Premier gives green light to pathology privatisation

Thursday, 4 August 2011


Bendigo's public pathology service looks set to be privatized with the Liberal Premier Ted Baillieu paving the way for the decision to be made.

"If the Premier and his Liberal National Government wanted to they could stop this privatization push by Bendigo Health."

"Clearly they don't want to and that is no surprise given their privatization of health services in the 1990s when Ted Baillieu was President of the Liberal Party."

"Mr Baillieu has stated that 'privatization of services were matters for the hospital leaders' (Bendigo Advertiser 4 August).

"We already know that hospital leaders want to privatize pathology. That is why Maree Edwards and I are meeting with the new Liberal appointed Board Chair tomorrow to represent the strong community view that this privatization push must be halted."

"The Liberal Premier is ignoring the views of the thousands of locals who have signed the petition against the privatization."

"And to rub salt into the wound he is saying that he will allow this privatization to go ahead."

"Hospital leaders and the Liberal National Government must listen to the community and not privatize Bendigo's public pathology services."


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