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Friday, 7 September 2018

Friday,7 September 2018




TheBendigo Returned Soldiers Memorial Institute has been restored to its formerglory, with the help of a grant from the Living Heritage Program.


TheVictorian Government contributed $1.5 million from the Living Heritage Program,which included vital works and repairs on the existing building, includingstructural stabilisation, render and plaster repairs, as well as flooring androof works.


Bendigo’sReturned Soldier’s Memorial Institute is an iconic building and an excellentexample of the valuable history of the Bendigo region.


Itis of architectural, social and historical significance not just for Bendigobut for the state of Victoria. It serves as a reminder of the people in Bendigowho served and gave the ultimate sacrifice, losing their lives during World WarOne for their country.


Fundinghas also been committed by the Greater Bendigo City Council ($800,000), theAustralian Government ($1.7 million) and the Bendigo and District RSL andCommunity Building Appeal ($500,000) for the construction of a new exhibitiongallery and collections facility to the rear of the building which will becompleted later this year.


TheLiving Heritage Program, administered by Heritage Victoria, provides $38.5million over four years to safeguard and reactivate Victoria’s key heritageresources.


Theprogram includes $8.5 million for a competitive community heritage grantsprogram targeting “at risk” State-listed heritage places. The Program aims toenable owners and managers to undertake necessary conservation works to addressthe needs of their heritage place or objects. This supports the ongoing andsustainable use of our most significant heritage assets.


Quoteattributable to Maree Edwards MP, Member for Bendigo West

We take pride in the history of our cities and towns andwant to ensure buildings and places of significance stand the test of time,enabling future generations the chance to experience a piece of history.”


Quoteattributable to Jacinta Allan MP, Member for Bendigo East

Heritage can contribute to sustainable economic development byproviding important tourism drawcards in urban and regional areas. Heritage isa major attraction for rural and regional Victoria.”

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